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Just downloaded the new version. It's near-perfect - and it seems the only things holding it back are its default options. Examples:

"Resume playback on Winamp startup" is on by default - Never did care for Winamp to continue playback where left off; always thought that was something that should be left in car CD players...
"Automatic advance to next album" is on by default - I normally don't listen to CDs sequentially, and usually would rather go back to a previous song before switching CDs...
"Keep current song playing" is on by default - This might be good for when double-clicking is set to Enqueue album instead of Open.

These are minor, and all are fixable with a couple clicks, so it's really no big deal. But it'd be even better if the default options were good for "normal" use. Which brings me this question - does anyone here who uses this plugin think the plug-in's defaults are good?

And one last thing: When first installing, Album List just pops up the next time you start Winamp with a blank list; it's be nice to at least have a "This is this first time you've used AL; would you like to load a directory to get started?" dialog the very first time.
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