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Run process explorer, you can see two instances(processes) of your setup, one running as the user that started the setup and one running at high integrity level (and possibly as another user if the original user was not a member of the admin group) When you use UAC::Exec/ExecWait/ShellExec/ShellExecWait the 2nd elevated process will send a message to the original process telling it to start a process (uses WM_COPYDATA)

Running as admin on pre vista or admin with UAC off on vista will only use one process and UAC::Exec just calls CreateProcess without any trickery

EDIT: on win2000/xp it somewhat emulates the vista elevation, UAC::Exec will start a process as the original user
I guess you could use the SAFER plugin on xp so the process spawned at the finish page does not run as admin even if the real user is admin

UAC::RunElevated just does ShellExecute on itself using the runas verb (The documented way to get the uac dialog on vista) this also works on Win2k/XP except you get the old school runas ofcourse. If a non-admin user on vista with UAC off is detected, using runas with ShellExecute will not work at all so UAC::RunElevated uses its own dialog that emulates the pre vista runas instead

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