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Originally Posted by big_blue View Post
EDIT: Perhaps it's simply an issue with maiko mixing the channels to 5.1? Could that be an issue with Maiko? I seem to be able to change the sample rate just fine.
I don't think so. It was working. Something changed (unrelated to Maiko, imo). You did not say if you changed versions or not. If you did, go back to the version that was working. The latest version does not display the matrix mixer tab correctly on my system.

Changing your speaker configuration got 2 channels working again. Maybe the Maiko configuration .bin files (in your user appdata Winamp folder) got corrupted somehow. You can shutdown WA, move the .bin files to somewhere for safe keeping, set your speaker configuration back to 5.1 surround, and let Maiko recreate the .bin files. This should return you to all the defaults, so you will have to make the Exclusive mode, Matrix mixer, and Balance adjustments again.

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