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Originally Posted by AusPanda View Post
Yep, they play in order for me ... so if I am in Local Library > Audio, and select an album in the top panels, then all the tracks in the album are listed in the bottom panel that fills the width.

I click on Track column header to sort by track number. I then double click the first track, and it adds all the songs to the playlist in top right, in track order.

What is yours doing differently?
Okay, I get everything you've typed, up until the last sentence. When I double click the first track of the album after arranging it by track#, it just starts playing that song. It doesn't generate any "playlist" that I can see. (Unless by "playlist", you just mean the songs in the box below the top two). And when that first song is done playing, it doesn't move on to #2 on the album, it moves to some seemingly random song on the album.

For example, I'm playing Sheryl Crow's "Globe Sessions" album. I have all the songs arranged by track #. I double click on the first song on the list, "My Favorite Mistake", and it plays. But when that song ends, it plays the #!0 song nect, not the #2 song. And after that, it jumps around again. It does this every time. I can't see any way to make it play the songs in order.
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