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Ian, I think that you managed to make good sense of my poem... thank you And I find your friendship poem beautiful.

I think what gets me confused is how we can express so much abstraction through little symbols on a screen... sometimes all the words just mesh together in my mind, and all I know are the ideas or feelings or truths within that could never truly be captured by what we are reading. Somehow, we manage to communicate nonetheless. It's bewildering... amazing.

Does anyone know French at all? Occasionally I'll write in French because it suits my mood better, and I would like to share some of those poems as well... but if no one speaks French, then I suppose those poems really will be nothing but symbols meshing on a screen.

Based off of those very thoughts, I'll post a free-style poem now (I don't have a name for it yet):

maybe so
I answer pointless questions
I humour their lies
I play the games
of life and death
of words, just words in my head
no truth behind their meaning
what are these symbols you're seeing?
just letters on a page
not truth, not love, not rage
those do not exist
in any tangible form
yet we've known the gist
since the moment we were born
we learn to play the games
what we know
what we are
what we'll be
will we go far
Who cares what I'll be
or when I'll be me
who cares about the games
the yes
the no
the maybe so
why ask these pointless questions
why humour the world with lies
why try to assign reason
to our tormented cries
games of the world
are all we see
these symbols
these aren't me
there is no me
in any tangible form
yet I've known the gist of me
since the moment I was born
that is why you don't understand
that is why they don't understand
that is why I don't understand
we cannot grasp me
me is just two letters
just pieces in the game
my whole sense is separate
away from the game
away from here
far far away from anything we know
far far away from the questions of life and death
maybe so
none of these words matter
the answer is no answer
answers come with games
the truth is not an answer
the truth escapes the game
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