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Visualization Problems

So this is a new problem I've been having. It doesn't happen with all viz's, but it does with a lot of them. whether I play them in full screen of windowed mode, I'll get a set of lines that run horizontally across the visual. these lines look micro thin, and come and go super quickly. I"d love to show people what I"m talking about but they flash and go so quickly, I can't manage to get a screenshot. on the other hand, when your watching it, it is very noticable. I've tried changing from 16b to 32 but that doesn't help, and I've updated all my graphics drivers. now one of the WORST visuals is the El-vis Hubble02 one. when I first start it, it starts flashing in black and white (we talking seizure type alternating) with a TON of lines, then about a second later corrects itself to it's normal trippy colors. here is the picture of the black and white, but can't seem to time it right to get the lines.

Anybody have any ideas?
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