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Re: Visualization Problems

Just with AVS Vizualizations

1.7 Ghz AMD XP Processor
512 RAM
ATI Radeon 9600 256 ram
Windows XP Pro SP2
100Gig 7200 RPM HD

Problem ones:
Degnic - Fury
Degnic - Spirit Realm (Bad)
Duo - Warm Reform
el-vis - hubble02 (siezure Inducing flashing colors)
Jay- Fatboy - Pieces of a dead world
S_Kupers - Curvism 2
Tuggumi - Let me Out
Tuggumi - Shiny Metal Curves
UnConeD - Silk Strings
yathosho - SKOGSLOKA
DL - Life is Violated
Degnic - Retrowall
Degnic - Adrelin Rush
El-Vis - Molecules
fck - Checkers with meatballs (really bad)
Justin - The landscape is killing me (Seizure inducing Flashing colors, I loved this one before the problem)
Liquid - Take the viel
Mig - Dragonscales
Mig - Encapsulade
Mig - Lillypad (really bad)
Mig - Slyde
Mig - Solar flare
Mig - Spintronics - Backspin (really bad)
Nig01 - Rototronic
Nixa - Smell of Music
PK- Bumpy (Really Bad)
Skupers - Chinook
S-Kupers - Artic Rainbow (Really Bad)

Tired of listing them now. =/ all the ones before splendora that I didn't list seem to work fine. as you can see, this is a fairly large problem with most of them. Mig's seemed to be a big problem amoung them.
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