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but that doesn't matter... whether you use only id3 or not, EAC still maps its terms and interprets. whether u mix formats and standards or not, same thing, just as mp3tag does.

album artist is still album artist, whether its id3 or vorbis. i can easily switch between ripping to mp3/id3 or FLAC/vorbis, and i don't have to change any of these EAC naming construction settings, which is why they do it like this in the first place. nothing is gained in this respect by keeping everything to one standard or another.


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on occassion, i will rip a cd with "extra artists" listed in the song title, and then fix it in tags afterwards, so that it rips as a "normal" cd and not a comp. depends on how i consider the cd.
to be clear, i fix the tags post-ripping such that the extra artists in the song title are cut from there and suffixed to the main artist in the track artist tag, this happens on cds with guests, like a "Duets" type CD, which has one main artist, and then feat guests. thats the kind of CD i don't want ripped in the comp fashion.

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