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FAQ -> Info required (ignore at your own peril)

1. Attach your "List Of Plugins"

Sticking a "HijackThis log" inside the same zip as the attached "List of Plugins" might also prove useful...

Winamp 5.56 isn't supported. Upgrade to 5.571.
If there's no "Add Media to Library" item in the "Library" button menu, then this means that ml_local.dll isn't present, and the only way that could happen is if a) "Local Media" was unchecked under the "Core Media Library Components" section under "Winamp Library" on the "Choose Components" page of the Installer Options, or b) ml_local.dll has been deleted.

It says "Scan folder in background".
Also, Winamp Full (free version) and Pro are exactly the same.
You can even enter the Pro reg key into the free version to unlock the Pro features
(MPEG-4 video decoding, MP3 & Hi-Bitrate AAC+ Encoding, Faster ripping & burning).
The only difference between the two installers is that the Pro one prompts for the reg key.
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