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Yeah, there's currently no native DTS/DCA audio decoder for MKV in Winamp.

A super-secret decoder does actually exist, but we haven't made it available anywhere yet (until now) because:
1) It only supports DTS audio in MKV container, whereas ideally it needs to also support MP4 and maybe other formats
(thankfully, in_avi will try to use DirectShow if it can't natively decode the AVI, and in_dshow can be used for OGV support)
2) It's probably incomplete and needs a fair bit of testing...
3) We're not licensed to support DTS (a legal public license currently costs a small fortune, heh)

However, I've just managed to get hold of an MKV sample video which uses DTS audio, and it played fine for me....

So... I've decided for now that the decoder (dca.w5s) can be included in the Winamp Essentials Pack.
Koopa will hopefully be adding it to the next EP release within the next few days.

In the meantime, you can get it here:

DTS Decoder for Winamp's MKV Demuxer

Let me know if it works ok :-)
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