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Possible Bugs / Things that need fixed / Suggestion

1. Left thinger scroll only works a the very bottom of teh button
2. (suggestion) Is is possible to but the playlist in a drawr like teh EQ?
3. The timer display is broke for sogns logner than 9:59
4. Whats that blue space gonig to be next to the timer? /edit: of, vis, sry

Thats it for now!

/edit. 5. (suggestion) Why not put the vis where the thinger is and make thinger its own window? Most people don't like being able to see only oen thinger icon at a time, and when u make it go away there is just a blank space (which I don't like) so get rid of thinger there, make it perm vis space, and then you can make the song ticker and volume longer.
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