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migrating stream from icecast to shoutcast

Hi there,

I was running an icecast server. The stream was ip.ip.ip.ip./stream.mp3
Some listeners using a stand alone internet radio needed the extension mp3.

Now I have changed to a shoutcast server (on another machine with another ip) and have changed the routing, so that listeners which call the old ip are automatically routed to the new one. This is working with the .pls, .ram, and .asx streams, but not with the stream with extension ".mp3".

The listeners are now routed to ipnew.ipnew.ipnew.ipnew/stream.mp3, but I dont know how I could route them from this adress to lets say ipnew.ipnew.ipnew.ipnew:8000/listen.pls.

Thanks in advance for any hints.

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