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i have a little question that i think will be tricky.

we are streaming two radio stations (we are moving away from windows media encoder to shoutcast).

right now our setup is that we have one machine with two sound cards, through windows media encoder we are choosing which sound card peripheral to choose for input for each radio station.

however i do not find such similar setup on winamp, is there a way to have winamp choose wihch sound card to use as input (our broadcasters microphone is split in two, one end goes to the radio antenna, the other end goes to the mic of the respective sound card)

what i was thinking of doing was to have two user sessions opened.

each of them having their own instance of winamp opened, but one of them having sound card #1 as input, the other one having sound card #2 as input, each of them sending their content to their assigned shoutcast port on our broadcast server.

any ideas of how this could be accomplished?

Thanks in advance
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