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You want to know why this is? Answer when you broadcast 128K stereo the channels are actually deviced L=64K R=64K 64K+64K = 128K So when you broadcast 64K Mono your getting just one channel which has the L+R Yed together to the mono channel. So when your broadcasting in 64K Mp3 your only getting 32K L and 32K R. But and here is the But (when you lower the sample rate you get less Base but cleaner highs). So by switching to 64K Stereo 22.1 (instead of 44.1) you lose a little low end, but your S's don't sound like thumping Ssssssss or Thsssss every time someone says a word that has a letter S. This happens at 96K 44.1 Stereo. Like I said anyone who is not a Prog Rocker will settel for a mono signal and probably not notice the difference. But at the same time they don't know the difference in sound between a Bang And Olfson $1,000 to $2,000 power amp from a fisher Stereo at your local Rent A Center.

Why does analog FM stations sometimes sound better for you in Mono? Today's FM receivers are plagued by a weak front end which allows for bleed over like crazy. In order to get a decent FM receiver for the home these days you have to shell out $300-$500 for a good FM stereo receiver (separate from your receiver). Plus you need a Beam antenna on the roof or an indoor antenna made for FM stereo and a 10 DB amp (gas fed) $100-200.

I highly suggest (if you can find it) a blapunkt FM receiver, Rotel, Merantz at a high end audio shop (not discount store). Listen to the difference you'll be amazed (unless you listen to Rap you won't tell the difference). Classical music fans will DEFINITELY notice. Ask yourself how far is the station from your receiver. FM Stereo signals only go about 35 miles before they start to fall apart so knowing this you'll need to spend high dough for good reception. A good outdoor TV/FM antenna can also help bring those stations in crisp clean Stereo.

Better yet just get a Squeezebox boom and listen to Internet radio because most cities have crappy on air Radio (unless small college Radio station or Pirate Radio station).

Hope this helps the true Audiophile.

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