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multi-path is when a wave bounces off of buildings, terrain (Mountains, Large hills, ect). This even causes ghosting on analog TV back in the days of analog channels. The only way to combat that is to use a Yagi or Beam antenna not one that is omni-directional. Also the correct polarization is a must FM broadcast is horizontally polarized, where as cell phones are vertically polarized. This is why those wire dipoles work a little better than a straight antenna for FM Stereo. Note that many of Today's manufacturers don't even have a ground screw anymore on the FM side a few are at least smart enough to offer the 75 ohm balanced option with a REAL coax jack.

Another good receiver is a car stereo FM receiver. The Delco ones are great they have high selectivity and extremely sensitivity. You take one of those and connect it to a CB power supply and then some good speakers and you can listen to great Radio reception in the house. If the car FM receiver has RCA jacks in the back to be connected to a power amp you could even use that to replace your FM receiver and get a receiver capable of the performance of a $300-$400 in house FM receiver. Put a car antenna on top of the house or you can construct an antenna very easy just remember 468 devided by the frequency to make a good antenna.

Hope this helps your FM stereo needs.

As far as Digital Internet Radio AAC+ beats Mp3, but you can't be heard using a web browser without jumping through hoops. The average listener just wants point and click.

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