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Are there ANY Text-to-Speech plugins that actually work?

All I want to do is have Winamp say out loud "Now playing Song by Artist" before playing a song.

I've gone through just about every plugin on the site. I can't find a single one that works on Windows 7 with the latest version of Winamp (at this time, 5.623).

Tellmewhatsplaying - doesn't work. It doesn't announce like it says.
Text Speech Plugin - I thought of using this one, in combination with another plugin that outputs Now Playing info to a text file. But it doesn't work either, it says to add the text file as if it were an audio file, but doesn't actually play.
Whats Playing v2 dot 2 - doesn't work. It doesn't announce it like it says.

Most of these plugins APPEAR to be very, very, very, VERY old. Are there ANY plugins that do this?
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