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well...I'm not so sure this is "over my head" as you say Jaromanda...I just need some communication / documentation on how to get this set up. Reading the documentation it seemed had to use this not the case? What is "supported" anyway?

Is the only option to install Winamp and DSP on the client computer and use that to push the stream?

Which port below does the "source" connect to?

[MICROSERVER] Listening for source and client connections on port 8076
[MICROSERVER] Listening for legacy source connections on port 8077
[MICROSERVER] Flash policy file server not enabled << does this mean the server is not running? How to resolve?
<< nothing else below last entry in the log file >>

Conf file looks like this..
password=abc123 (not real pass)
adminpassword=def123 (not real pass)

Since this is Shoutcast v2 in Edcast and SAM it is looking for a Username but I don't see where one was set in the conf file...did I miss something in the builder?

The documentation made it seem like I had to set up and use SC_Trans to receive the incoming stream as the DNAS is the server to "push" the stream out to my automation system - stationplaylist - connects via URL.

I have read but it seems if the transcoder (sc_trans.exe) is not available/supported anymore then just how can someone who uses Edcast connect?

The client uses Edcast so that can push to the server, just need a little direction, not asking someone to "do it for me".


PS: I remember back in the day setting up Shoutcast on my XP box so I could "stream" (private feed) a radio feed so I could listen to my favorite local radio station when away. Accomplished that using DSP plugin and "linein" switch.

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