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Song titles/artists change

]I have noticed this off and on over the past year. Once in awhile, the song name of a song will change or an artist's name will change. I did nothing. It just changed. Any idea how? I went through all my settings and don't think anything there is doing it so I have no clue how it's changing. It's sometimes a completely and totally different name/artist than what is there (the song still plays correctly, just the name/artist is wrong) or it's another artist with the same title or vice-versa. It's bizarre.

Anyone else ever have this happen? I use Winamp daily to play music on my laptop and to configure my iPod classic

I'm using Win 7, Winamp v 5.8, Build 3660 (x86)

Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Winamp Pro 5.8 Build 3660(x86)
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