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I'm sure this has already been posted, but I to also have a number of bug issues to report about this winamp android app. I am sure its the latest as I just downloaded today.

Background on phone. Its out of the box Telus pre-paid phone. Model is Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray ST18i. It was Android 2.3 but I've updated the firmware to run 4.0.4 with the latest update. Build number 4.1.B.0.587, Device is rooted and has Samba file sharing installed.

Now just for sake of saying I have been a computer professional for over 20 years, so when I give you the details, it means I have tried everything I could think of in a logical manner.

First off, its the connectivity. For some reason when I connect my device via (in MTP mode) the cable, the winamp app discovers it, but it finds some random sound que directory on the phone somewhere. My guess is it a voice thing for the phone to talk to you while driving. Certainly not the music folder thats for sure. Updated: I tried disconnecting the phone and selecting auto-mount from the options menu. While it did show the correct folder as to where the music is located, I was not able to transfer anything using this mode. It eventually cause a hanging response in Winamp PC version and I had to shut it down.

So I connected the device in MSC (Mass Storage Mode) from the options in the settings on the phone. Winamp no longer recognizes the device. I didnt want to tamper with the files or objects winamp pc version found on the device so I just unplugged it.

Ok, so I tried to put a few songs in the "music" folder on the phone (using samba networking) and play it on the phone from the device. Winamp doesnt see the my music file I just put on the phone. However since the phone is brand new, it shows the sample songs, which I though I deleted while putting the song on the device, in the playlist. While the songs information and album art was there, it couldnt play the song.

Well the next step was to see if the wireless (android app) was working. I enabled it on the device, and discovered it with out a problem on the Winamp pc app. Found the demo songs, but also did not see the song I put on the device earlier with file sharing. I deleted demo songs winamp pc found and then transferred another song to the device using winamp pc this time. Played it on the device no problem.

So here is the problem in short. It seems the only way to get music on my device is by using the Winamp PC program to transfer it wireless to my device. Winamp android app will not see music transfer to the "music" folder in if using windows explorer, either by wireless or usb (MSC) connections. And that when connected in MTP mode it does not write to the correct music folder nor does it even see the directory where music is suppose to be stored.

While this is very nice day to day. I have a bit of a problem with that when it comes to mass transfers. See I just bought my device, and its going to take a long, very long time to fill that now. Cause well, wireless transfer of oh say a 1000+ songs takes not only a long time to select in Winamp with the current media library, but also because of simply wireless is a lot slower then usb transfer speeds. I would like to just drag and drop my music folder sometimes too just by using explorer. I hope you can see my problem here.

Updated: I was able to transfer my music to my phone, however the ONLY method was to connect the device with the droid app via the wifi selection and transfer it one by one (so to speak) via the Winamp desktop version. No other method as worked.

In the 20+ years I have been in the computer trade, I have always used Winamp on pc. Admittedly, I was an XMMS (linux clone) fan though.

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