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Hello to any devs that might be listening.
Used Winamp on the PC for more than a decade. Excellent app! Congrads! However, after only god knows how long on Android it is still, and inexcusably - for a paid app, bug-ridden. Here we go;

Major issues
1. App stops playing (and doesn't resume) when I move and/or delete files via My Files. Happens as soon as files reach their destination and I get the popup confirming the move/delete. Happens with non-music files (.vcf in this case) and the files are not in any folder Winamp is using.

2. Play/Pause button often doesn't restart play - both normally and after returning from a screen-off state. If it works it needs multiple pushes.

3. If I stop a track part way through then come back to the app and slide the slider back to the start of the song then exit the app it will not then play from the beginning of the track. It will keep playing from the position it was at before I moved the slider.

Originally Posted by lastpersononweb View Post
After applying metadata or album art, the "saving tags...please wait" pop-up stays on screen and won't close. I need to force close the app for it to stop.
Same here. After using Album Washer since it was introduced until now this problem still hasn't been fixed! Seems the OP was ignored...hopefully this post won't be.

5. The playlist order changes after not using the app for a while. Obviously I do not have Randomize or Repeat functions turned on. The order is usually disrupted by 2 (sometimes 3) places, ie:
1. Track 1
2. Track 2
3. Track 3
4. Track 4
5. Track 5
6. Track 6

after an extended period of inactivity the above playlist order will become something like

1. Track 5
2. Track 6
3. Track 1
4. Track 2
5. Track 3
6. Track 4

This bug has been present for more than a year and is a complete pain in the butt! I have to manually drag the out of place tracks to the bottom of the list or clear the playlist and re-play the folder. The latter is the quicker of the two, especially if there are more than say 15 or 20 songs in the playlist.

Possible major issue
6. At a glance battery usage seems ok - after a whole day of usage and a couple of hours of playing music the CPU usage (total and foreground) seem acceptable but the Keep Awake stats are something to be desired. It often goes above two hours and I've heard that a lot of Keep Awakes will drain the battery.

Minor issues
7. Some updates will install smoothly over a previous version while others need the app to be uninstalled first. Have no idea why this is the case.

8. Settings-Miscellaneous-Set Device Name setting often doesn't remember what has been input after a new install. Note that I do not clear the app's data before or after an install.

9. Gracenote results can be way off at times. Not sure if this is a problem with data sent from Winamp or on the other end but it could perhaps be looked into.

And on a final note - and this is my personal opinion - you SHOULD make the app exit when exited and not hang around in memory. Responsible coding please!

I encourage everyone here to post their problems and give feedback. By all means quote parts of this post and shout to Nullsoft and tell them THEY NEED TO GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER. Seems they aren't taking their users' opinions seriously. Check out the Google Play comments from people who are experiencing problems and you will know what I am referring to. Let's hope something is done about all these serious bugs!

Device: Motorola DROID RAZR (XT910, GSM)
Android Version: 2.3.6
Winamp Version(s): Always latest versions - currently 1.4.10
Note: both free and paid versions of Winamp experience the above problems

Standard install on internal SD card w/4x2 Widget
Almost all music is played through headphones
I have no other settings, ie: Auto Mount, Scrobbling, Replay Gain, SHOUTcast etc enabled, don't use WiFi and do not use Winamp to sync to the PC
Have tried playing with settings including; Settings-Miscellaneous-Use Lock-screen Player and Settings-Miscellaneous-Control Headset but makes no difference to the appearance and frequency of the bugs mentioned above
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