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Bluetooth Playback and Persistent playlist

I'm looking for a decent music player and I was pleased to see WinAMP still kicking the llama's ass (I grew up with WinAMP on Win98 back in the 90's). I use my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) to feed my bluetooth headunit in my car, there's a few features that seem to be missing and making WinAMP more of a nuisance than a help and preventing me sploshing the dosh on the pro version:

1) Persistent playlist - the Samsung music player keeps track of the list of music it's currently playing (either the album, the playlist or some other list of music I've asked it to play) and when it re-connects to the car, it picks up where it left off (even after closing down the application). The last thing I want to do is realise just after pulling out of the car park that I'm playing the first track of the first album of music on my phone and then start fiddling with the phone to get back to the playlist I had before and then find the track in the playlist.

2) Bluetooth information feedback - my headunit displays the current track, album, artist information, and sometimes playback time remaining. Aside from playback time, all that info comes through the Samsung player, but not with WinAMP player - would be nice to have the info on the display

3) Quicklist - a nice feature on the Samsung player is the ability to maintain a quicklist, just browsing my music when I'm idle and deciding to add it to the quicklist for later listening
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