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Hi Reverend Ike.
I checked the computer in question, the only CD plug in is:
Nullsoft CD/ Linein Plug in, V 1.5 (x86) (INCDDA.dll).
In the explorer- programs.... I found:
IN_CDDA.cdb 0 KB
IN_CDDA>dll 60 KB
WE do not use the Winamp to play CDs, if we need a CD we use the "normal" CD Players. Since we have converted about 99% of all CDs to MP3s we use the CDs mostly as a back up or if get a new one we play it too, until we convert it and put the songs in the right folder with the title, interpret and our number. Normally every host puts together a playlist und talks or plays some time a cd, Winamp paused. If no one is there we use the Winamp full time, the playlists are filled with the musik (MP3) and voice tracks (wav).
Most of the time it works just fine, if the error does not pop up it runs flaw less.
Greetings and thank you again, Joe.
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