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in case you don't know how to use hyperlinks, i'll copypaste it here for you:
Originally posted by Wish
Before reporting a bug to this forum, please read and do the steps below:

Before reporting:
1) Make sure you have the latest version of Winamp.

2) Make sure you have the latest versions of DirectX and your soundcard/videocard drivers.

3) Read these threads first:

Common 'bugs' (please read BEFORE posting on this forum)

Official Winamp 2x Bug List

Official 3rd-party Plugin Bug List

This is to make sure you're not reporting a bug that is already known or other common problems.

When reporting:
1) Please include full details about your computer(What hardware does it have and what operating system(OS) does it run). For NT4/Win2k/WinXP, please mention what service pack has been installed if you have updated it with a service pack.

2) Make sure that you write down the steps to reproduce the bug(very important to make the lives of everyone a lot easier).

3) If possible, include a short sample of the file that causes the problem/bug by uploading it to a free webserver/your own webserver. Remember, 3rd party plugins are not written by Nullsoft, so if you have problems with those plugins, report to the author of the plugin, not here.
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