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Basically, what peter is saying is:

We can't help you unless you:

1) Provide full system specs (CPU, OS, soundcard, DirectX, etc etc)
2) Tell us what version of Winamp you're using (2.78 + update recommended)
3) What version of the ShoutCast DSP you're using (latest recommended)
4) Whether you are using any extra 3rd-party Winamp plugins
5) Do you have the correct & latest drivers for soundcard?
6) Which Output plugin you are using (updated versions of WaveOut/DS recommended)

FYI, this is NOT a Winamp bug.
This can be proved by searching the forums for "error killing decode thread"
and you'll find only 2 or 3 instances of this reported in the past 15 months.
(eg. this particular thread is from 15 months ago)

booh, peter beat me to it
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