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i wouldn't consider it a bug, i know exactly when this happens, and it's definitely a fault of computer running Winamp (or other software running on it), not of Winamp itself.

"killing decode thread" error might occur ONLY if something else uses too much CPU time and input plugin is unable to stop playback when requested (there's some sort of timeout delay around 2-5 seconds i think, it depends on input plugin).

you might try increasing Winamp's process priority class and input plugin's thread priority, this should shut those errors up.

also be sure to kill any other programs running in background, they are IMO the source of your problems.

ah yeah, you should upgrade to v2.78c first (then install wa2update). some people (read: Wish) are making efforts to keep this forum clean and usable; it really pisses me off when someone completely ignores them.
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