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Originally Posted by pbelkner View Post
A timer for disconnecting idling gapless sessions is a "Kr├╝cke" because you cannot tell with certainty whether the underflow state results from a playing session in underflow (very, very unlikely) or from idling (very, very likely). Finally I introduced it in order to honor Philippe's contributions. By his thorough and reasonable testing he discovered two bugs:
Thanks for this and for listening to users!

I attached the logs for the crashes regarding to HDMI Audio device (I've also added a signature so you can see what I'm using). If you don't understand something about how this setup works just ask, it took me time to get the touch of it.
It includes the following logs:
- 01-good-external_monitor_off_and_on_in_short_time : winamp doesn't crash because the buffer hasn't got empty and playback goes on as it should (this is what we want to achieve with the following cases as well)
- 02-bad-external_monitor_off_and_on_in_more_time : winamp crashes because the buffer has got empty
- 03-bad-sound_device_disappears_completely : winamp crashes (I disabled the sound device by selecting intel graphics to output only to Monitor (my external monitor) ; this is what you can reproduce on your machine as well: by disabling the device in OS)
- 04-bad-default_sound_device_has_been_changed : winamp crahses (I turned on the TV, that means the default device has been changed in OS; you can also reproduce this in your machine if you have at least 2 sound devices by setting the other one default during playback (we use Default sound device in Yasapi))

I think all the 3 cases based on the same problem: device buffer gets empty and that makes winamp crashed.
As I mentioned before, both directsound output plugin and Sanear with MPC-HC pass these cases.

Originally Posted by pbelkner View Post
... I introduced it in order to honor Philippe's contributions. ...
As somebody has put it: "software development is a social process rather then a technical problem."

Interesting, especially nowdays (in our rushing world), when everybody wants a quick and dirty solution for his/her problem (I'm talking about the users themselves not the devs like you), and after that they don't care about the given project at all and they don't take the effort to think with the devs and do proper testing. I think the people in this thread (we ) are different.

Btw, since you mentioned social interaction, do you know your fellow German devs (although in different fields): madshi ( , nevcairiel ( , fhoech ( They also do an incredible job and they give an incredible support (!) like You do!
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