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Strange playlist behavior

It started yesterday. When I play a number of songs including both wma and mp3 files, in the playlist panel the selection of songs jumps various files before it plays one, as if seeking for a valid file or format, then playing mp3's only. I use Shuffle mode.

Yesterday I installed the latest Windows XP security updates, but dunno if it has to do with the problem.

The current installed version is winamp524_full_emusic-7plus.exe. I installed only audio-related stuff, but nothing for video, visualization or library. And I chechked things and found it's not related to the infamous "WMP ID3 tag feature/bug".

Thanks in advance for your help.

Please watch this tiny video to check it out:

Winamp 5.666 3516
Windows 10 Pro - 64-bit • Intel Core i7 • 12 GB RAM
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