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Hmmm, just the WMA files? I could not reproduce the issue. However, my suspicion is that something accidentally happened to the WMA codecs during the update.

Try reinstalling Winamp, you may want to try a full uninstall > reinstall (AKA clean install) of Winamp. Make sure "Codecs and system libraries: Download and install (if required):" is checkmaked/selected on screen/page six of Winamp's install options.

For more information on that install option..
From DJ Egg's Winamp 5.0x Component List (full list/details of Winamp installation options)

Screen 6:
Internet Connection Type
-Codecs and system libraries: Download and install (if required):
This is checkmarked by default. What it does is download the Windows Media 9 Codecs (approx. 5mb) from, but only if you select any of the three Windows Media Audio/Video/Encoder features in Screen 2, and you don't already have the required codecs installed on your system.
No luck? Please provide additional system & Winamp specs (specifications).

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