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Originally Posted by neralex View Post
ram130, your installation works fine on my end. Which kind of source connection type you are using, v1 or v2? I will play again now a new round with this build. Maybe i can found more details.

Edit: Ok i have tested again with the same issue. I tried to play the stream with windows mediaplayer, VLC and the HTML5 audio player on the DNAS summary page without this issue. Only in winamp (latest version) it will stop the stream. As source i'm using the Transcoder/posix(linux x64) v2.0.0.64 with outprotocol=3 to get Ultravox/2.1 Source connection type: v2.

In the logfile of sc_serv aren't errors reported - tested with all enabled DEBUG options.
Yes my source is V2. It seems your source is the issue. Maybe try V1.

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