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Is it possible to route PC audio through Winamp like a physical receiver?

So, firstly, I'd like to say helloo, as I'm new to the subreddit, but as the title says, I'm looking to see if it's possible to route say, game audio through Winamp as though it were a hardware stereo receiver my computer was hooked up to, as I have what I like to think is a decent EQ, and game music in particular sounds really good through it to my ears.

I've thought about trying to figure out how to do this in the past, but until now, I never really got around to asking if it could be done. I'm using the latest 5.8 build of Winamp, so I have no clue if that'll have any bearing on what I want to do, or if I'll have to downgrade to the latest patched version of 5 triple 6.

I have done a little bit of searching in the past few days, but it hasn't really turned up all that much, so I'm kind of hoping that picking y'all's brains on the subject might yield a few more fruitful results. That being said, any information anyone might have, either for or against the existence of any such ability of Winamp would be most greatly appreciated.

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