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Ok so now I can tell you how it looks after one day.

I did read a lot of posts and finally decided to leave the aac stream on ignoring the fact it was disconnecting every 8 seconds.

It came out in the morning that after some time it actually stabilizes and streams without disconnecting. It seems to take 2 - 5 minutes so I think it's not that bad.

Then I added second aac stream - it was again disconnecting but this time I forgot to add authhash for that stream. So just to remind you: you need to specify authhash for each of the streams separately even if it is the same.

Now I have all three streams running well but there are funny things happening in log. It looks it takes more time to stabilize ca. 10 - 15 minutes.

During that time I see messages :

[Licence sid=1] Format is not MP3, where only MP3 is allowed"
stream detected AACv4, LC (2), 22050hz, estimated 96 kbps

Both disappear after max 15 minutes but the second one makes me wonder if the shown hz are ok. I know it should be 44,1 kHz but now aac streams are 22050 and 32000.

In my DSP 2.2.3(112) the hzs are not visible. I can only choose kbps.

So now I think I need to change DSP to 2.3.5 and see what happens.
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