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Hello again and thanks for reading this,

well I think I chose a correct forum to place this thread as all I want to check is how the Premium plan, DNAS and monetization works.

So answering LStratmann's question - yes all streams are public but it takes AAC longer time to connect to YP properly. It takes up to 15 minutes, while all I get is WARN "[Licence sid=1] Format is not MP3, where only MP3 is allowed" and the stream keeps disconnecting every 8 seconds.

And going back to my last post - I did upgrade to DSP 2.3.5 but it kept freezing Winamp immediately at connecting to mp3 stream.

So I had to install 2.3.3 which works fine until now.

But again in 2.3.3 it is not possible to choose AAC khz - I chose HE-AAC 64 and 96 kbps and it shows 22,050 and 32 khz.

So I still don't know if monetization will work as FAQ states we need 44,1khz.

Any suggestions?
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