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Video Playback Plug-in

Is there anybody know if there is a plug-in that will do all video types, and or if there being developed. If not then does anybody know if there is any plans to develop a plug-in that will play OGM, MOV, DVD disks, and/or MKV file types. I know that Winamp already can play OGG files and is (supposively) play OGM files, but it doesn't it just sits there saying that there is no time with the file. Other players can play them just fine. As it is now I have four different players that will do everything that I like. However, Winamp is so much better at doing it I'm surprised that it hasn't tried to do these.

Mainly, I play the following types of files: WMV, MPeg, AVI, MOV, OGM, MKV, and DVD movies. Thanks in advance for anybody who can direct me to where I need to go.
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