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Originally Posted by Jkey View Post
did It work with v1.9.1 ?
I will check anyway.
Just to clarify, when I mentioned the AAC to dj port on sc_trans I was running it under Wine (not sc_trans, just Winamp+1.9.2beta DSP.)

On 1.9.1 the AAC LC did not work just like (just like the 1.9.2 beta didn't) but the AAC+ did.

I only tested the AAC +/LC from 1.9.1 on native Windows (to the exact same sc_trans instance on the live server as before.) Really don't wanna annoy what little listeners I have a.t.m. by going offline to regress for testing after recently doing the same for 1.9.2 beta.

It's not the exact same conditions but I still hope the additional information is helpful.

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