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Originally Posted by netandino View Post
it is great to try is to say, but I get error aac option NSCRT.dll. windows 7, missing something in my computer?

or normal
none of the files in the 1.9.2 beta version reference the nscrt.dll so it'd be down to an older plug-in (probably from the 1.9.1 install being present).

use the external reporting tool (nunz.exe) from and that will make it easier to work out what in your install is failing to load (and so should infer which plug-in is referencing nscrt.dll).


from a ui aspect of the plug-in. i'd make it use IPC_USE_UXTHEME_FUNC on the tabbed dialogs so it'll be themed correctly, move the about info to a separate tab and then remove some of the vertical height and increase the width of the pages to remove some of the dead space / cramped positioning / clipped control contents the current pages provide.

also personally i'd make it use the Winamp 5.5+ localisation support (which then limits the plug-in to only working on 5.5+ clients which is no bad thing when old Winamp clients aren't supported anyway).

but that's just me to make the plug-in more consistant and integrated with the rest of the player (as best as can be done with some of the dis-jointed stuff going on in it) though if not, just fixing the theming on compatible clients with IPC_USE_UXTHEME_FUNC would be the main thing to do.

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