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Smile Could plz someone tell me what they think of my packs?

Just thought I'd post a message up here to see if anyone could download my avs packs and tell me what they think, some of them are quite small (smallest 45k, biggest 520k). They're over at deskmod(where they got staff rated at 84, 84, 82, 81) and i'll put some links at the bottom of this message.

The reason there are so many all at once is because:

1.)the first one contains mainly presets i made over a year ago, the last one contains presets I finished last week, so they are spread out in age.
2.)i rarely used to get a chance to upload stuff and use the internet - now i have broadband (finally after almost a year of practically no internet usage...)
3.)they take time to review them here at (thats not a bad thing tho' plz don't see this as a complaint in anyway, i'm just impatient)

If you do decide to check them out could you please post a response here and don't be afraid to tell me which presets look like dog poo and which ones look like the dogs er..., well, which ones look really great.

Thanx in advance

Here are those links i promised:

JHERiKO - RePack 1 - The Atonement
JHERiKO - Pack II - The Geometry of Light
JHERiKO - Pack III - Redemption
JHERiKO - Pack IV - Clarity of Vision

-- Jheriko
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