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Found at messageboards:

Posted by angie on Friday, July 21st, 2006 at 03:43 PM CEST
Hello! I will keep this short and sweet. My name is Angie and I work for a small software company. We are rolling out with a media player that is based on Wasabi, Winamp generation 3. We all know Wasabi was short lived and full of holes, but our company has fixed those holes and added features such as media search, broadcasting capabilities, and mobile compatibility.

Because this is Winamp 3 based, it wears Winamp Modern skins made before 2005. What I would like to know is if anyone would be willing to donate or license their original skins to the project.

This is a great opportunity to get in on a revolutionary venture! Our company has taken the short-lived Wasabi and made something fun. If you are interested, please contact me and I will tell you more about the project.
Her email: angie at advancetheory dot com

AdvanceTheory says they are the creators of PSPAdvance Media Player and PSPAdvance Wifi Radio.

While "Angie" is looking for "anyone (who) would be willing to donate or license their original skins to the project", I was wondering if their use of Wasabi was in the same vein as

Because both sites are listed here on this technology products page:

I'm guessing "Angie" is "Angela Sheridan - Lead Designer" listed on the WiFi Radio Credits page. Is this two different sites with same/similiar products, funded by the same investors?

[edit - it appears PSPAdvance WiFi Radio is just another name for the WiFi Radio...yes?]
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