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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
what source is acting as the DJ when that is happening please? i've only ever seen it happen once directly when the Source DSP had a dicky fit (technical termâ„¢). might make it a bit easier to try to replicate the issue though from a look at what is happening when that error is reported, it appears its most likely to be an issue with source (and i've a horrible feeling it's going to be said it's the Source DSP which is being used...).

I have verified that it is a problem with sc_trans. I used the official DSP, sc_serv, etc. and also tested with third party tools with the same results.

Steps to reproduce:
1) broadcast normally
2) interrupt broadcast by disabling network (this should cut off all connectivity to sc_trans...wait for "cannot connect to shoutcast server" messages to appear)
3) re-enable network and wait for "data arriving too fast" message (ensure that your encoder is still going). The message will appear within a few seconds to a few minutes. Note that this usually happens on the next title change.
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