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First of all, due to the lack of my old QMP to play back streamed AAC I had to use winamp again.

I set a usable skin between the many I could put my hands on (as most of them were designed at a 17" era, meaning their controls or some mode are so tiny on my 32").

I even tried some visualizations which leads me to the point of knowing why (is it an application restriction ?) none of them include the visualization window inside the main windows as did for exemple the even older sonique I'm still using for the marvelous graphics I set back at that time

I use a plugin named 'rappa cycling throught as many visualization plugings I set with configurable effects in the fading process and with the help of a little error in my first attempt to set it I enabled a mode where visualizations overleap each others leading to an everlasting nex graphics,

I wish the new winamp will be able to do such things...
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