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Hi big_blue,

I see from your "One for Nunz" report you have a few unofficial plug-ins other than MAD. It wont hurt to disable them to see if the crashes stop. The easiest way to disable a plug-in is to change its .dll extension to .bak.

I'm referring to:

Morphyre [vis_Morphyre.dll]
R4 -= =- [vis_R4.dll]
Auto Close v1.4 [gen_autoclose.dll]

Enhancer v0.17 is unofficial too, but leave that enabled. I assume you installed DrO's wrapper for it. The 3 Visualization plug-ins are not active, but you never know until you prove they are not the problem by disabling them and still having the problem. Others have reported issues with some of the Portable Media Player plug-ins, disable all but the Nullsoft USB Device Plug-in v1.4 [pmp_usb.dll].

If the crashes stop, then 1 of the 9 plug-ins (10 including MAD) is the culprit. Add them back one at a time until the crashes return and you will have found the bad guy. If the crashes do not stop then feel free to re-enable them all, but I suggest only re-enable the Portable Media Player plug-ins that you actually need.

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