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Originally Posted by big_blue View Post
Increasing my client buffer size to 800 fixed the Shared mode problem, thanks. Perhaps it will also decrease the crashes that occur during some song changes.

Aminifu, I actually got rid of the nullsoft mp3 plugin when I installed the MAD plugin (whoops!) Dunno where to find it online... I don't believe it's the cause, however, as other input plugins (flac, wma, etc.) have the same issue. I will delete the bin files and let you know how it goes.
Your .bins are fine. I did not know there were variations of the mixer 5.1 page. I just noticed you are running version 5.62 of WA, that is 4 versions back, the latest is 5.63. Download 5.63 and install in over 5.62. That will retain all your settings and get you the latest nullsoft mp3 plug-in back. Let's hope the latest version fixes the crashes.

If you installed MAD by renaming it to Nullsoft's mp3 plug-in's name, make a copy of it somewhere before installing 5.63 over 5.62.

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