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Originally Posted by big_blue View Post
I can still hear pops every so often in the rear speakers when certain audio plays through them. Could it be clipping? The rears aren't set above 1 in the mixer. Is it more likely that it's just my music? Or the delay setup?

I also notice that the input (and output) bit sizes have been changed to 16 bit. Is there any way to configure the nullsoft mpeg plugin to work in 24 bit?
Clipping is a good guess. SilverBird775 had to disable Maiko's clipping detector. Hopefully he will be able to re-enable it soon. Now that you're using the Nullsoft mp3 input plug-in, the limit clipping option in the WA General Preferences may help. The option is on the playback equalizer tab and should already be on, but you should check it.

The input bit depth is from your music and is the right value. Look at the next to the last option on the exclusive mode page. If the box on the left is checked, remove the check and use the selection box on the right to select a bit depth. I suggest 24+8 padded.

Most of the check boxes on that page should be empty. How is yours setup?

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