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Your sound chip should be able to handle more than 44800, but let's go with that because that is what is in the Windows control box. Your Windows box is set for 24/44800 right, not 16/44800? The enable exclusive mode is checked and the option below that is not, in the Windows control box, right?

Clear the top box beside "Slave to etc" and put 44800 in the box on the right. Check the next box down and put 44100 in the box to the right. Check the next box down and put 44800 in the box to the right. Check the box at the bottom next to "Free device etc". Those should be the only 3 boxes checked, except for the top box when you want to run in exclusive mode. The only other control is the bit depth, I suggested "24+8". You can also try "Best available".

I have my upsampling values set to 96000, 44100, and 96000. Windows is set for 24/96000.

Make these changes while a song is playing. Maiko ignores changes made when a song is not playing, on the mixer page too, except now for the delay settings (and maybe the input balance settings, SilverBird775 has not clarified whether a song needs to be playing or not for those controls).

Stop the song, then restart the song and check that all your changes are still the same. Shutdown WA, restart it and start a song, then check that all your Maiko settings are still the same.

One last thing, pertaining to how your music sounds. Now that you're using the Nullsoft plug-in again, check the WA equalizer. I suggest you start out with all the controls set to the mid line (no increase or decrease in the frequency bands). Small adjustments can be made later after everything else is working. You maybe should turn off Enhancer too until Maiko is stable. Check the control panel for the Realtek chip. Make sure all sound effects and equalizer controls are turned off. Make sure the bit depth and sampling rate is the same as you set in the Windows control box, 24/48000.

The bit depth and sampling rate should be the same in the Realtek control, the Windows control, and Maiko exclusive mode to avoid conflicts.

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