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not clarified whether a song needs to be playing or not for those controls [balance tab]
As you please. As a general rule for a matrix\mode setup you need to start music at least once so the correct matrix will be choosed.

I can still hear pops every so often in the rear speakers when certain audio plays through them. Could it be clipping? The rears aren't set above 1 in the mixer.
They are set a LOT above 1. MAX = abs(0.95) + abs(-0.95) = 1.9 which is a massive amplification. Even when the signals are summed in antiphase it does not mean the Left & Righ channels are highly interosculated anytime. When the signals are going naturally antiphase they become inphase by matrix settings and you are getting almost double amplification and a powerful clip. Keep the line sum below 1.0.

Slave to input channels when enabled
Exclusive mode option. No matrixing or balancing of any kind, instead the hardware will be reprogrammed to adopt the input file channel setup. See manual for more details. Shared mode cannot disable the matrixing except when the input and hardware matching.
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