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Originally Posted by SilverBird775 View Post
They are set a LOT above 1. MAX = abs(0.95) + abs(-0.95) = 1.9 which is a massive amplification. Even when the signals are summed in antiphase it does not mean the Left & Righ channels are highly interosculated anytime. When the signals are going naturally antiphase they become inphase by matrix settings and you are getting almost double amplification and a powerful clip. Keep the line sum below 1.0.
I do not understand any of that. I need to look up the definitions of the terminology. For now, what I can understand is that its best to leave the mixer values at the automate defaults. That is fine with me, now that I have the delays and input balance control. I was only adjusting the matrix for room correction adjustments. That is no longer necessary

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