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Guys, I have a Xonar HDAV Deluxe analog, and have some applications like mpc-hc using wasapi through reclock, which I have set to use 24bit, 96hz output which is the best combination there as it resamples the audio to keep things in sync.

I then want to have winamp output 16bit 44.1khz for audio.

Is this possible without changing any windows settings. Like in the windows 7 control panel, do the "Speakers Properties" -> "Default Format", get used when maiko plugin is used in exclusive mode for example? I thought it wouldn't get used when in exclusive mode, but I just changed it a few minutes ago during exclusive playback from maiko, and got a device invalided error message and winamp crashed, that now has me thinking it does still have an effect?

I'm just confused, if anyone has any recommendations on how I can get the audio output I want through winamp + mpc-hc using wasapi, without having to change any windows or xonar control panel bitdepth or frequency settings.
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