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Originally Posted by big_blue View Post
.50 -.43
-.43 .50

If you have a recommendation as to setting the rears up I would be very grateful, as I like the effect of having the rears put out channel-specific sounds, however I also have to level them out with the front side speakers. If I want their sum to be around 93 (during the antiphase/inphase things) what is an optimal way to accomplish that?
I'd go for a real stuff over imaginable, more actual data.
.8 -.13
-.13 .8
Also slightly delaying the side channels (purposefully distorting their actual virtual distance) may break strong stereo-source-inherited dependencies and give more space and natural reverberation.

Be creative!

Originally Posted by big_blue View Post
Also, could I keep my room correction settings enabled in the Realtek Audio Manager? Or will they always directly affect my Maiko setup? I'd like to have my speakers configured for games and movies, as the rears aren't naturally as present as the fronts (in that they are closer). Or does Exclusive mode's mixer completely override that?
As you like. The exclusive mode override the Realtek settings i suppose. I'm noot keen to any extra features though.
Originally Posted by mark007 View Post
I then want to have winamp output 16bit 44.1khz for audio.
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