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Originally Posted by big_blue View Post
If I have all the mixer levels in Maiko set to full (1.) volume, will I encounter clipping or distortion?
That depends on your whether the source files contain over-amplified music and/or the WA equalizer and/or Enhancer DSP plug-in settings are too aggressive. Also your X-530 is a low power speaker system (25 watt sub, 15.5 watt center, and 7.5 watt satellites) that will distort the sound if driven to hard. My X-540's sound better at high volume with low Maiko values and with higher Maiko values at low volume.

Until Maiko's Peak output loudness detector is re-enabled, you will have to depend on your ears to determine the source of any distortion. Listen with just Maiko, then add in the equalizer and/or Enhancer.

If you find that your source files are over-amplified, the equalizer may help reduce clipping and/or you could try applying WA's ReplayGain adjustments to them. ReplayGain will not only level the volume of the source files, but could prevent clipping.

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