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Originally Posted by big_blue View Post
What would you recommend for a cutoff frequency for my sub? I don't want it too boomy (not living alone), so I have it set to 80. Is that a good idea for a low power speaker?
The "Magic Frequencies" article, I provided the link to earlier, says the sub frequencies are anything below 60Hz. I have my cutoff set to 100Hz. I recommend whatever sounds good to you from 200Hz on down.

I also have Enhancer's Harmonic Bass set to 1 and the Harmonic Bass Range set to 6, with some low end (and high end) boost from the equalizer. Your music may benefit from something totally different. I too have to be careful jacking the volume when other family members are around, but those settings also work for me at normal levels.

I also live in a house with a little space around it, so I don't usually have to worry about disturbing the neighbors. These little speakers can get really loud !!!

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