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If you are going to make a channel dependency decouple delay (so they would not play flatly the same beat the same time) then try to not make the delay shift too large. The very little shift from the real distance may work very well creating space illusion but a too large value may start to break the rhythm piling and crumpling the beats. Besides the only simple shift do not add any additional reverberations to the sound naturally expected so it will turns out all false and unnatural very soon.

Could not recommend the exact numbers but i expect them to be rather small, the shift from the real distance i mean. The true unadjusted distance values (delays) are supposed to give the true unadjusted sound form.

IMO playing with a real speakers physical positions indeed change the room natural reverberation some way so you should make your setup to sound okay first wth just any basic software. I remember my first DVD player setup, the only correct speaker placement did REALLY work, the software adjustment just make them sound perfectly finished. You have to remember there is no software able to fix the unpleasant room reverberation. But in many situations the basic stereo systems are much easier to setup and giving even better results for the odd rooms.
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